Developer Analyst

The developer analyst participates in the company’s different development projects in which he realizes the programming of processing by following the norms and fabrication methods of software components established by the board, writes software specifications and ensures the system’s reliability.
He works in close collaboration with his coworkers as well as with the business lines teams.

Level of education

  • Dec or Bachelor in Computer Science


  • Between $ 54,665 and $ 81,997 depending on experience


  • Sense of precision
  • Analyzing, deducing and understanding
  • Programming and computer science
  • Comfortable with abstract language
  • Innovating

Description of Tasks

Develops functionality in Java and provides documentation and automates testing of software components performed, performs load testing and contributes to other testing phases of different systems.

Ensures the quality of its code with more senior resources and actively contributes to the activities of the Java development team (code review, treatments performed by its peers, etc.)

Collaborates in various monitoring projects, experimentation and improvement of technologies, languages, software and development tools used by the management team. Ensures the proper functioning, evolution, consistency and performance of IT systems on the various levels of development and production.

Ensures the proper functioning, evolution and consistency of computer systems and ensures any other related responsibility or any other responsibility at the request of his immediate superior.