Disability Claim Technician

The disability claim technician oversees the realization of planned activities or action plans linked to the efficiency of activities included in premium collection, contract modification, analysis and payment of disability benefit insurance or death as regards insurance contracts and collective annuity.

Level of education

  • DEC in administrative techniques: DEC in Insurance and Financial Services Consulting


  • Between $ 44,461 and $ 61,667 depending on experience


  • Helping other
  • Establish interpersonal relationships
  • Classifying and producing reports
  • To persuade
  • Care for well-being at work

Description of Tasks

Coordinates the members of his team and assigns them the tasks to be carried out.

Ensures compliance with the guidelines issued by higher levels and sees to the achievement of the objectives set for it within the deadlines provided with the resources allocated.

In complex and new problems, intervenes and recommends the appropriate solutions.