Dispute Business Technician

The dispute business technician carries out different research and analysis jobs relatively to his area of expertise. He also ensures specialized technical support for the juridical advisors. He analyzes and takes in charge some demands That may involve legal representation of the company in the courts of law.

Level of education

  • DEC in insurance or administration


  • Between $ 45,000 and $ 65,000 depending on experience


  • To persuade
  • Solving conflicts
  • Good judgment
  • Defending people
  • Establish interpersonal relationships

Description of Tasks

Perform legal research and analysis on points of law using different tools and analyze and process certain requests received from different levels of courts. If necessary, make pleadings and prepare witnesses.

Support legal advisers in their mandates, in particular by preparing summaries of their research, ensuring the filing and production of reports and opinions or other documents;

Take charge of writs of seizure, formal requests for payment or any other request for information.