Fund Development Analyst

The fund development analyst takes on an advisory role and acts as a contact person regarding the investment management (“Middle office”).

He makes sure that the investments and pairings are conform to the operative norms and establishes results and explanations of gaps concerning the budgets or the market.

Level of education

  • University studies in finance or investments


  • Between $ 61,194 and $ 91,790 depending on experience


  • Complex and statistical calculations
  • Good judgment
  • Comfortable with numbers
  • Analyzing, deducing and understanding
  • Classifying and producing reports

Description of Tasks

With regard to investment management and matching and taking into account compliance with standards, he is responsible for projecting investment portfolios by considering the different business plans, projecting cash including sources and requirements for external funding in the form of securitization or otherwise.

Regarding financial results, he is responsible for verifying the explanation of financial results prepared by the "Front office" of investments, establishing returns, performance and unit costs (projected, budgeted and actual), distributing
investment income and expenses, produce financial reports other than accounting and statutory reports that are required for rigorous investment management monitoring (PCIM, Essentiel Placements, investment committee,etc.)

It monitors the investment systems market, recommends the required changes (MAP or otherwise) and implements them, all for the purpose of rigorous, sophisticated and efficient investment management.