Operational Planning Analyst

The operational planning analyst contributes to the continuity of the production process or to the operations with the objective of satisfying the clients’ claims.

Level of education

  • Bachelor of Administration option accounting or finance


  • Between $ 54,665 and $ 81,997 depending on experience


  • Complex and statistical calculations
  • Good judgment
  • Comfortable with numbers
  • Classifying and producing reports
  • Analyzing, deducing and understanding

Description of Tasks

With a short-term horizon, participates in the planning, coordination and management of supply flows and manufacturing times (raw materials, products, information, ...) upstream and downstream of production, as needed and the imperatives of costs, deadlines and quality.

Assumes the role of collaborator in carrying out technical activities and participates in the resolution of technical problems and contributes to the development and improvement of working methods and procedures.

Can contribute to the transfer of knowledge by coaching and coaching less experienced employees of his team.