Organizational Development Advisor

The organizational development advisor contributes to making the organization more flexible and adapted to the market’s realities and establishes an environment favorable to the mobilization of employees.

Level of education

  • Bachelor's degree in industrial relations, administration or psychology


  • Between $ 68,885 and $ 103,297 depending on experience


  • Helping other
  • Design, invent and create
  • Understanding phenomena
  • Good judgment
  • Establish interpersonal relationships

Description of Tasks

Analyzes structures, work practices, communication, interpersonal relationships, etc.

Makes recommendations in support of change support and assumes a front-line advisory role with internal or external stakeholders in files or projects related to his area of expertise.

Brings ideas and contributes to problem solving through analyzes and in-depth knowledge of your area of expertise.

Develops tools as well as policies and practices related to his field of activity.