Payroll Technician

The payroll technician contributes to the rigorous administration of the payroll process

Level of education

  • DEC in administrative techniques


  • DEC in administrative techniques


  • Complex and statistical calculations
  • To negotiate
  • Comfortable with numbers
  • Classifying and producing reports
  • Sense of precision

Description of Tasks

He ensures the exactitude of payment data, the punctual payment of salaries, the emission of remuneration statements, the payment of premiums, tax calculation, employee information, etc.

As a high-level professional, he proposes improvement or optimization solutions of processes, programs and work methods, and contributes to the solving of complex problems requiring an analysis and a global and thorough comprehension of all variables.

He collaborates with different internal and external actors, and contributes to the transfer of knowledge within the functional framework and to the coaching of less experimented employees in the team.