Sales Administration Technician

The sales administration technician verifies the submission requests filled by the broker and contacts him, if need be, to obtain information on additional documents, and determines the risk that each eligible person represents by using the scoring system to obtain base rates or prepare the rates demand.

Level of education

  • DEC in administration


  • Between $ 25.34 and $ 34.85 per hour depending on experience


  • Classifying and producing reports
  • Sense of precision
  • Good judgment
  • Establish interpersonal relationships
  • Helping other

Description of Tasks

Responds to requests for intermediaries' options and follows up after submitting bids.

Obtains actuarial services, additional conditions when necessary, advises intermediaries to present the submission or renewal at the convenience of the client and prepares the file for delivery to administrative officers for the purpose of recording on ACL.

Performs administrative follow-ups and takes the necessary measures to finalize the files without retroactivity and provides support to brokers in order to resolve commission problems.

Receives and responds to inquiries from brokers and / or small groups and receives brokers or clients based on the processing of files.