Tax Specialist

The tax specialist contributes to the production of fiscal declarations and to the verification of conformity to fiscal norms, accounting and financial practices.

Level of education

  • Bachelor of Administration. (CA, CMA or CGA designation required.)


  • Between $ 77,881 and $ 116,821 depending on experience


  • Good judgment
  • Complex and statistical calculations
  • Comfortable with numbers
  • Classifying and producing reports
  • Sense of precision

Description of Tasks

Ensures the accuracy of the data declared to the tax administration and researches the sources of reduction of the organization's tax burden and assumes a first line advisory role with internal or external stakeholders in files or projects related to its expertise field.

Brings ideas and contributes to problem solving through analysis and in-depth knowledge of your area of expertise. Develops tools as well as policies and practices related to his field of activity.