Managerial Accounting Analyst

The managerial accounting analyst conducts analyses and writes reports for the growth prediction models and the company’s expenses.

Level of education

  • Bachelor in Accounting and Title


  • Between $ 58,600 and $ 85,900 depending on experience


  • Good judgment
  • Comfortable with numbers
  • Preparing a budget
  • Classifying and producing reports
  • Analyzing, deducing and understanding

Description of Tasks

Carry out an annual study of the methods for allocating the Company's expenditure accounts between the various insurance, annuity and investment products, by function and by administrative unit.

Participate in meetings with the managers of the Company to determine the rules and methods for allocating expenses. Collect and analyze their management statistics.

Analyze the distribution of overheads and guarantee investment costs for the quarterly financial statements and asset segmentation as well as for the Company's budgets. Analyze variances from one period to another.

In collaboration with actuarial analysts, perform the analyzes and reports required for the Company's overhead growth forecast models over five years; meet with managers to establish the growth drivers of costs for their administrative unit.

In collaboration with actuarial analysts, prepare the unit costs required for establishing the management fee reserve factors