IT Systems and Infrastructure Operations Technician

The IT systems and infrastructures operations technician participates in the establishment and following of solutional action plans or tools relatively to his field of expertise. He carries out analyses and defines the specific needs in relation with quality control with the organization’s units, and supports his unit’s professionals in the realization of diverse specialized activities or mandates.

Level of education

  • Dec or Bachelor in Computer Science


  • Between $ 103,814 and $ 155,720 depending on experience


  • Complex and statistical calculations
  • Understand how objects work
  • Sense of precision
  • Programming and computer science
  • Comfortable with abstract language

Description of Tasks

Support the professionals of his unit in the implementation and monitoring of action plans of solutions and tools relative to his field of expertise and support the professionals of the unit in various specialized activities or mandates.

Analyze and define the specific needs of the different organizational units.

Act as a resource person in quality control with organizational units.