IT Support Technician

The IT support technician offers first-class technical support for computing or technological incidents reported by the users or for online service demands. He proposes, as much as he can, the appropriate solutions or corrections or conveys the demands or incidents to another intervenor when necessary.

Level of education

  • Dec in Networking or Multimedia or any other related training


  • Between $ 89,000 and $ 133,613 depending on experience


  • Helping other
  • Good judgment
  • Sense of precision
  • Comfortable with abstract language
  • Programming and computer science

Description of Tasks

Offer front-line technical support for computer or technological incidents reported by users or for service requests.

Resolve incidents or process service requests according to established standards and forward them to another party, when required.

Ensure a high level of customer service to users and various stakeholders. Identify and communicate opportunities for improvement and collaborate in the implementation of these changes.