Building Mechanic Technician

The building mechanic technician is in charge of supporting and procuring technical services like the conception or elaboration and conduction of machine trials, of heating or ventilation installations. He supervises the construction projects and inspects the mechanical installations.

Level of education

  • DEC in building mechanics or diploma in a related field


  • Between $ 55,000 and $ 90,000 depending on experience


  • Handle tools with precision
  • Maintain and repair objects
  • Good judgment
  • Understand how objects work
  • Care for well-being at work

Description of Tasks

Provide technical support and services such as the design, development, maintenance and testing of machines, parts, tools, heating and ventilation systems. Develop and interpret plans, drawings and technical specifications.

Prepare cost and material estimates and work schedules, and write reports.

Test and analyze machines, accessories and equipment to determine performance. Inspect mechanical and construction installations and works.

Establish contractual documents and quotes. Supervise and monitor construction projects and inspect mechanical installations.

Prepare standards and work schedules and monitor the execution of mechanical maintenance programs or the operation of mechanical installations.